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My Kroc,

Two years ago, we received the biggest blessing any family can receive. I thank God every day for giving us Etho, for how perfect and clever and funny and lovely he is. I thank God for giving me you. I'd be lost without you. Thank you for your love, support, help and guidance these past two years (and then some!). Thank you for figuring out this thing called parenting with me every day. Thank you for being there for us when I was pregnant (and crazy), and in labour (also crazy), and for the postpartum period (craziest ever). You are loved, and cherished, and respected, and admired here at home. You are precious to us. So even when you're away from home, we think about you and we talk about you and we pray for your safety and we give thanks for you. We both love you very much. <3

:: @Impressed added on 03 Jul ’15 · 00:54

Oh yeah, and you're missing out on an epic carrot cake. I might save you a modest slice. If I feel especially charitable. ;)

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