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append delete Captain Canuck

Anyone interesting on creating a custom theme in case the nostalgic Commodore theme doesn't suit you?

I would create such a theme if I had any aesthetic inspiration using the Firefox extension: Stylish.

Anyone have any ideas?

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append delete #1. Kroc

Due to a 7 year old bug in Firefox, it won’t keep your choice of alternative stylesheet, so I am unable to offer built-in themes; but yes, through stylish &c. that’s entirely possible.

The HTML may change about though as I work on cleaning up and adding features at this early stage. You may get by by switching off CSS for the moment.

append delete #2. SpeedoJoe

A Workbench 1.3 theme would be great.

append delete #3. Kroc

I’m currently working on cleaning up and templating the code so that themes are swappable; however without logins there’s no clear way to actually allow the user to choose a theme and remember it. We could use cookies for this purpose, but obviously those get cleared or some people have them off entirely.

append delete #4. Kroc

Okay, I’ve updated the code to put all HTML in one file so you can easily swap it out and create new themes.

append delete #5. Captain Canuck


What 7 year old bug?

append delete #6. Kroc

This one:…

When you select an alternative stylesheet in Firefox, and then reload / navigate it forgets. Can’t believe they let this ship with Firefox 1.0. Seven whole years that we could have had lightweight easy CSS-only skinning, and Mozilla cocked it up.


(Leave this as-is, it’s a trap!)

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