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Backup on Windows utterly sucks and has for decades; can you help?


Hi all, I'm hoping you can provide some direction.

I'm trying to find a simple, preferably scripted method of backing up stuff to a network share.

A solution is not simple. Windows is a piece of crap when it comes to backup, we all know that. Here are the things I've tried:


Does not use Volume Shadow, so cannot backup any files in use

:: RSync, rdiff-backup &c.

There's no "server", it's a network share hosted on a Time Capsule so I can't run server software for the RSync protocol and whatnot.

:: XXClone

Free version doesn't offer incremental backup, cannot use solutions that won't skip up-to-date files since this is a network share.


I have different needs for the different PCs, so I may need more than one solution. For my PC, running a batch script when I want is fine by me, but for my wife's PC, I may want to have something more automated, though I obviously wish to avoid heavy and bloated backup software that brings the machine to a crawl. I may investigate AutoVer for this purpose.

(all this is aside that I use SpiderOak for online backup, there's not enough space there for everything though which is why I need the local backup for the bulky, less-important things)

Can I ask what you peeps are doing backup wise, and if you've any suggestions for backing up to a network share in a sane way?

Kroc added on

:: SyncToy

Good, but cannot exclude directories


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