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Best / Worst Pixar film?

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What is Pixar’s best film, why?

What is Pixar’s worst film, why?

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append delete #1. Wannes

I think the best one isn't a difficult question: for me it's WALL-E. The way they made the film, the feel of the movie, the music (keeps repeating days after days in my head), the first half almost without any dialogue. After the humans enter the movie, I like the more simplistic way the humans are shown. The robots have so much more detail, character even.

The worst film pixar made, is "A Bug's Life". It fails the comparison with Antz at the moment it came out. To me it felt like cheap clone. The story didn't interest me at all. I must admit I was a little boy back then, but still, I can't fight my memory.

As a side-node, I only seem to buy dvd's of animated movies. The last one being Ice Age 3 (still need to watch him, since it's a gift for the holidays :)

append delete #2. Kroc

Yeah, A Bug’s Life hasn’t stood up so well. It’s the most cliche IMO. The story is weak and the characters are cardboard cut-outs.

Pixar’s best I think is Ratatouille (though WALL•E is equally as good). Ratatouille impressed me because the story and characters largely escaped the weighty commercial remit that tars a film with a pre-disposed requirement to fit a cliche, sell a lot of merchandise (e.g. Cars). Ratatouille is not a film your average film-exec would ever let see the light of day. It lacks explosions :P

append delete #3. theraje

I agree with "A Bug's Life" being quite forgettable. I vaguely remember it, although I saw it a while back. Not nearly as memorable as, say, "The Incredibles".

My personal favorite is the same as Kroc - Ratatouille. It was a very charming concept, the humor was very clever, and the whole work was simply very well-executed.

I did see WALL-E, and that was a really excellent diversion. It was a very visual experience, as there was no dialog for a large portion of the movie (as already mentioned). It was like watching art - the visuals told so much story in so little time that I'm glad that they didn't try and ruin it with dialogue.

The movie "9" (don't remember for certain if it was Pixar who did that) was a big disappointment to me. It wasn't *quite* as bad as ABL, but I just feel it fell flat compared to others. I really, really wanted to like it, but if the creators wanted 9 to be a "great" movie, they certainly forgot to put that desire into the production of that film.

append delete #4. Wannes

Ratatouille would be my number 2, although it seems hard to favour one above the other. They're both examples of what a good Pixar-movie should be: original, exploring new ways of storytelling, creating convincing characters without falling into clichés, or flat commercializing.

Just realizing when I was checking the wiki-article…. Has anyone of you seen "Up" yet? I haven't, since the theater-tickets are becoming too expensive for this student :) Another movie I'm leaning towards is "Despicable me".

append delete #5. Kroc

9 was by Tim Burton:…

append delete #6. Zifre

I have seen every Pixar movie at least three times (with the exception of Toy Story 3, but I saw that most recently).

I really can't decide on my favorite, so I'll start with my least favorite:

Cars. I think the story is rather boring. It's not horrible, but it just seems long and not enjoyable for me. Others that I didn't like that much are Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, and A Bug's Life.

The rest are all my favorite. ;-)

If I had to choose one, I'd go with Monsters, Inc. The movie is just so creative. It's also full of lots of hidden little messages (as are most Pixar movies).

Here is my complete ranking:

1. Monsters, Inc.
2. Toy Story 3
3. The Incredibles
5. Toy Story
6. Up
7. Toy Story 2
8. Finding Nemo
9. Ratatouille
10. A Bug's Life
11. Cars

append delete #7. Wannes

Well, at least we can see that 'Cars' and 'A Bug's Life' aren't what we expect from Pixar.

On another note, I always loved the Pixar-Shorts. Those extra movies that they show before the film and doomed to live a life as an extra on the dvd's. I absolutely love them, especially 'Lifted', 'Burn-E' and 'Presto'. And to finish, a legendary one for me: The Bird One :)

append delete #8. Wannes

I mean: 'For The Birds'


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