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Browser testing needed

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NoNonsenseForum has wide browser support. It works in IE6 as well as the IE10 preview. As NNF is being released on 1st June, I would appreciate if readers could test NNF on some devices and browsers I don’t have access to:

* Android 1.5–2.3 stock browser (I don’t have any android device)

* Firefox on Android

* iOS 3.2 on iPhone (I can only test on 4.0+)

* Opera on iPhone

* Opera Mini, Opera Mobile

* OWB Amiga / RISCOS

+ Anything else you think is important for NNF to work with.

Please report visual glitches / layout problems, and if you know CSS, your ideas on what could be causing the issue.

Many thanks in advance.

Kroc added on

Forgot Windows Phone 7, who wouldn’t :P

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append delete #1. jefffan24

On Windows Phone 7, the header is smashed together. Like the logo, the search bar, the forum name are all over each other. Also because of the padding on the sides when the phone is held up right (small width, larger height), the forum is in middle but rather small. Just looks squished.

That's all I got :)

append delete #2. Kroc

That’s what MS gets for putting IE7 on a phone :/ It doesn’t support CSS3 media queries to enable the mobile style. We will have to wait until the WP7 IE9 release for support.

append delete #3. Jefffan24

Yup I understand. Looks good on my iPod touch 2g running the latest version of iOS.


append delete #4. Nikolai

A not - works decent on Opera Mini 6 on my old Samsung phone. Loads pretty fast and without any bugs.

Nikolai added on

A note* .... damn it!

append delete #5. Kroc

That was unexpected! Good to know, thanks.


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