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Can you help me find The Cure for Insomnia?


Some time has gone since the previous email was sent and I have yet to receive an answer. I’ve just send a copy of this email through the online contact form of the Video Data Bank and I’m hoping for better results.

The new email was a copy of the above with the following note added:

NOTE: This email has previously (20 Aug 2011 21:46:17 CET) been sent to but has gone unanswered until now. This is why I am trying again though your online contact form.


And the title slightly changed to ‘Regarding The Cure for Insomnia (Resend)’.

Martijn added on

In addition: I google’d some more. It seems like it’s a lot easier to contact the writer of the poem Lee Groban ( Although the only contact information listed is a PO box. If anyone knows of any cheap ways to send letters overseas (Sweden→USA) let me know.


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