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Can you help me find The Cure for Insomnia?


Know what? I'll subway down to Anthology Film Archives and see if they know anything. I live in Manhattan. Just as soon as I'm done with this head cold.

Film Forum may know something too -- they employ practically all of the New York Film School grad students. And what the hell, since that'll take me to TriBeCa, I'll ask at the Film Institute there.

I'll also ask one of my friends that works at NYPL's Library for the Performing Arts.

However, I'm not optimistic; The Cure for Insomnia really pushes the envelope for film storage, and even NYC has very little. Converting it would be expensive. I doubt that it ever left Chicago.

Other places to try, if just for answers: Top Film School Libraries and Roger Ebert (he's nice and lives in Chicago). I would email him yourself, Martijn. The message will be more genuine from you. I couldn't find his email, but here is his very active twitter account: @ebertchicago


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