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Can you help me find The Cure for Insomnia?


With Timmis dead and the University largely unhelpful there is no further progress since my last update.

Currently all that is left to do is contact Lee Groban: Which is something I hope to do as soon as I’ve figured out postage to the US. I had already written a letter and sent it to him through Facebook[1] but it has gone without a response. I guess they were serious when they wrote he ‘prefers to receive postal mail rather than email, because in the event of a power shortage, he can still read and respond to your letters by candle light.’

If you’d like to help you could write Groban. This is the message I sent him:

Dear Mr Groban,

I’m writing you via Facebook, which I hope you won’t mind, because of the high costs linked to sending paper correspondence from Europe to the United States.

I did upload this same text, fountain pen written, to my web server so you can print it and still have the hand-written letter feel. You can find it here: [Link redacted: contains my address]

I’m trying to track down the experimental film The Cure for Insomna by J.T. IV and yourself. Of all the longest films to ever go public this one is the only one that seems to make a point, although vaguely.

The Internet Movie Database lists The School of the Art Institute of Chicago as production company so I started there. I’ve written both the Film, Video, New Media, and Animation Office, and the Video Data Bank. Only the latter responded to inform me they didn’t know where to find the film.

You can read the actual correspondence at:

With Timmis unfortunate and premature passing you are the only one left I can phrase the following questions to.

Do you own a copy of the film, in any form? Do you know who might have access to this material? Finally, do you know who might hold the rights to the materials—if the materials still exist?

It would be very sad if even in today’s information age we can’t be bothered to save a single film. A film that once held a world record at that.

If not the film, is your poem published anywhere? In full?

Thanks for your time and I hope you will be able to help me. And again, I apologise for the use of Facebook to reach out to you.

With kind regards,

Martijn van der Ven
[Address redacted]



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