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RE[25]: Can you help me find The Cure for Insomnia?


Hi TG!

I am afraid there is no news, if I had been able to send any more letters or get any new information it would have been posted here. :( I hoped to have time this summer break but have mostly been swamped by other things.

When I get back home from my holidays next week I was planning to set-up a Wiki (or wiki-like thing) for collecting all the above information and suggestions. I would love any cooperation tracking this film down!

There were some good suggestions in this thread that need following up, so if you want to write to anyone / anywhere you can try any of these:

1. Anthology Film Archives (NYC) — suggested by Destructorock1.
• They have a telephone number stated:
• E-mail addresses of their staff:
• A list of other archives we can write to: (towards the bottom.)

2. Film Forum (NYC, alternative screening space) — suggested by Reid.
• They don’t have the film in their archive:
• General inquiries go to filmforum@domain.

3. Tribeca Film Institute (NYC, supporter of individual artists) — suggested by Reid.
• They have a big network but no archive themselves, from what I see:
• General information from institute@domain.

4. Roger Ebert (CHI, film critic Chicago Sun-Times) — suggested by Reid.

5. Deborah Groban Olson (sister of Lee Groban) — suggested by David.
• Attorney by this name, possibly her:

Thanks all for keeping this thread alive. Not the longest discussion on the forum, but possibly the longest running one :) For me at least it shows up with the first 10 Google results for ‘The Cure for Insomnia’!

It is too bad that many who have expressed an interest here have never gotten back, especially too bad with Reid as he lives close to many interesting parties and had said he could take a swing by them.

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