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Can you help me find The Cure for Insomnia?

append delete Martijn

Hi all, long time no seen. I’ve just returned from my holidays and am prepping for university. But between all this business I enjoy surfing the web, reading this board and chatting with friends. Out of the first and the latter grew a funny dare. I dared a friend to watch the complete The Cure for Insomnia if I were to get my hands on it, by any means necessary.

For those of you who do not know: The Cure for Insomnia with its running time of 5220 minutes was once the longest film on our world. It has a very sparse page on Wikipedia: Out of the five longest films ( I find on this one and Cinématon to sound interesting and worth wasting time on.

Now the big question is, how do you get your hands on this piece of art? I checked the main stream markets (eBay, Amazon, and the underground channels (The Pirate Bay, isoHunt, BTDigg) to no avail. Wikipedia doesn’t supply much to go by other than the artist John Henry Timmis IV… who was always obscure in life ( and is now, sadly, deceased.

IMDB ( offers little more, only mentioning The School of the Art Institute of Chicago as publishing company for the film. I will draft an email to them tomorrow but have little faith in it. What department would that email have to go to? I don’t know, in which case they tell you to just send it off to the “Webmaster”. Last time I tried to contact a big institution through their webmaster I never got referred to the right people.

Any ideas?

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append delete #26. TG94

Hi again, i have confirmed that the lawyer is most likely the woman we think, she is from the same hometown and studied in a uni in Chicago. i have emailed every staff member of Anthologyfilmarchives and will next get in contact with the school where this movie was first shown in full length in one sitting. the School of the art institute in Chicago from jan 31 to feb 3 1987. i will try to update you on my findings and answers

append delete #27. Martijn

I have emailed every staff member of [Anthology Film Archives] …

That might have been a big much ;-)

… and will next get in contact with the school [SAIC] where this movie was first shown in full length in one sitting.

I emailed the Animation Office at SAIC (which was the closest thing I could find to a film department) almost a whole year ago [1] and have never received any sort of reply. If you do get answers that would be great. And it would annoy me personally.

Once I am back home (somewhere next week) and have a page online for keeping track of the film I will put a link in here.

I will check on this site everyday I can.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss any updates you can subscribe to this thread through RSS: (in case you had not figured this out yet).

If you do get into finding a location for the film you will have to think about things as transport, recoding, and most importantly: rights. I would guess librarians would be best for the first things, possibly the internet archive. Rights are more tricky. As a film, under modern American copyright law, it will probably be protected still and not even be eligible for showing ’til 02081-12-09 — 70 years after the death of Mr Groban.

You can see I put questions about this in my original email to SAIC and their video data bank [1].

We should get things like this as clear as possible for future detective work, which is another reason why I wanted to set-up a dedicated page for it.

[1]: (’011-08-20)

append delete #28. TG94


Hi also tried to twitter robert egert numerous times, never heard back , and since the staff list of AFA is only like 10 people i think they won't mind. Yet to contact the SAIC, but i think since we are looking for a 34 year old movie, we might not want to just look in one department, this is a movie that noone has seen in year (most likely) sinces 1978. Anyone, anywhere inside that school might have clues to the whereabouts of the movie, it's not like it is a easy thing to lose :/

append delete #29. Martijn

we might not want to just look in one department, this is a movie that noone has seen in year (most likely) sinces 1978.

That’s exactly what the SAIC’s Video Data Bank [1] is for:

The Video Data Bank is an essential destination for video art, media art, video art history, art resources, artist interviews, curated programs, and much more…

But they couldn’t help me. A 34 year old video shouldn’t mean anything to them, one of the currently most viewed videos is from 1970 [2] — over 40 years old!

Anyone, anywhere inside that school might have clues to the whereabouts of the movie, it's not like it is a easy thing to lose :/

You would be surprised :) Never heard about the Houdini voice recordings? They were completely lost until someone found them in an attic after the owner had died in 1970, 56 years after the recording was made [3]. It is still the only known recording of his voice. (Listen @ Internet Archive: [4].)

Nobody had any clues about the whereabouts. To be honest, most people never knew of its existence. The only reason we have it is because somebody stumbled upon it. This could easily happen with this film too, no matter how much you ask around.

Keep us posted if you get any answers and thanks for your input! :D


append delete #30. NickPfen

I really didn't read this thread, but the thread title caught my eye. When I was a sophomore in college, I had a bad case of insomnia. I spent hours in my bed staring at the ceiling and watching Lord of the Rings from 11pm to 7am. My sleep time was between class from 11am to 1pm. I was on two hour sleep schedule and playing NCAA baseball. This lasted for 90 days.

I felt like Howard Hughes in the movie _Aviator_ during the scene he was locked in his theater and reciting, "come in with the milk, come in with the milk, come in with the milk." Too funny now, but miserable back then. LOL.

Anyway, the cure was to shut down all distractions - school work, TV, alcohol and computer. The only thing I did was take long nature walks, drink water, eat fruit and veggies, and play baseball. Ironically, during this insomnia period, I had the best year in my baseball career - go figure :p After 30 days of this, I slept for two days straight. It was amazing.

By 2014, I bet a growing number of teenagers will have sleep dysfunction because of the growing number of screen distractions. God save us ;)

append delete #31. Frankieba5


Any updates at all? I am making it my life goal to find this movie

append delete #32. René

I would look into this post which was written by Darya Rose from Summer Tomato. A quick tip, avoid using your smartphone a hour before bed. Really makes a difference!

append delete #33. Martijn

None shortened link:

@René, note that we are not talking about insomnia the condition but a film called The Cure for Insomnia. (Same goes for @NickPfen’s reply 2 years ago.)

@Frankieba5, I have to disappoint you. I simply haven’t had the time to write letters to the U.S. to find possible leads. Instead life caught up with me and my studies are demanding more and more of my time. But if you are making this your life goal, you might follow up on @TG94’s ideas. I believe he didn’t get anywhere last time but at least he had some ideas. Some other possible contacts are listed here:

I would like nothing more than for someone else to take over from me and continue the search. I will probably not able to actively do anything ’til summer break.

append delete #34. Frankieba5

@martijn Perhaps life goal is a tad overstated.... I also have school. However this summer I plan on spending some time. Thanks!

append delete #35. Jack Holmes


This thread is discussing the film "The Cure For Insomnia".

append delete #36. Jack Holmes

I have now made it my personal life goal to find the full version of this film. I will report back when I do. Good day to you all.

append delete #37. Rae

PLEASE don't give up. I will try as well. I have wanted to see this movie since I first heard of its existence more than 10 years ago. We can do this!

append delete #38. jaro

so.. is the research still going on ??

append delete #39. Martijn

I have no leads or time, so from my end, no. People have throughout the years come in and said they would try too, but as you can see, nobody ever reported back with anything.

append delete #40. jaro

to bad.
I did a little research but without any achievements..
And i guess if you guys tried over years, i wont find enything in a few hours.. Anyway, if you ever find this film, please let me know..
Greetings and good luck to you sir!

append delete #41. Doreen

I want to know more about insomnia

append delete #42. Ash

Hi Martijn (and other obsessed people!),

I am obsessed with finding this movie too! Came across it at.. I think it was some '15 most... bla' lists and it just sounds like an amazing piece of art and a fun challenge to watch the entire thing! So I read all posts here, and maybe I just missed it being mentioned, but how about the review on IMDB? There is one single review - it is from 2002 so don't get your hopes up right away - but that means that at least one person has been able to find and watch the movie in this millennium! See the review here: .

I don't know if there is an easy way find out the contact information of an IMDB user, I can't find it at least. I btw just now see that he (/she, but I'm thinking he..) hasn't been active on the boards from 2004 either. Maybe someone reading this knows if we can somehow reach this person?

append delete #43. mellowM1nd

im so jealous of this guy who watched the film :/

i think we can reach this guy e-mail from imdb

append delete #44. Jack59029

Just found his email: Gonna reach him soon

append delete #45. jack59029

Whoa, just failed his mailbox his unavaible

append delete #46. Jack59029

Anything new?

append delete #47. Martijn

@Jack59029, not from me, I have been emigrating and adapting to my new life.

append delete #48. bcov

sometimes i can't sleep

append delete #49. Nic0M

Any news ? I'd love to watch it !

append delete #50. Cesco


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