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RE[27]: Can you help me find The Cure for Insomnia?


I have emailed every staff member of [Anthology Film Archives] …

That might have been a big much ;-)

… and will next get in contact with the school [SAIC] where this movie was first shown in full length in one sitting.

I emailed the Animation Office at SAIC (which was the closest thing I could find to a film department) almost a whole year ago [1] and have never received any sort of reply. If you do get answers that would be great. And it would annoy me personally.

Once I am back home (somewhere next week) and have a page online for keeping track of the film I will put a link in here.

I will check on this site everyday I can.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss any updates you can subscribe to this thread through RSS: (in case you had not figured this out yet).

If you do get into finding a location for the film you will have to think about things as transport, recoding, and most importantly: rights. I would guess librarians would be best for the first things, possibly the internet archive. Rights are more tricky. As a film, under modern American copyright law, it will probably be protected still and not even be eligible for showing ’til 02081-12-09 — 70 years after the death of Mr Groban.

You can see I put questions about this in my original email to SAIC and their video data bank [1].

We should get things like this as clear as possible for future detective work, which is another reason why I wanted to set-up a dedicated page for it.

[1]: (’011-08-20)

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