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append delete theraje

Hey folks, my recent plans to work on a comic (though not necessarily web-based) has got me thinking about the kinds of comics people like to read. Can be any kind of comic - graphic novel, newspaper comics, comic books, manga, Webcomics... anything that falls in those categories.

Also, what topics/themes do you like? Comedy, action, epic, political...

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append delete #1. SpeedoJoe

Regarding web comics, CTRL+ALT+DEL is terrible and Penny Arcade is brilliant. :)

append delete #2. theraje

Ah, you have good taste! :)

I remember when I first learned of PA years ago. They had already been going for a few years, and I started from the first comic and kept going through... I went through about two years' worth of PA in one sitting... over dial-up. XD

Good stuff!

append delete #3. Kroc

I'm difficult me, I don't know what it is I like, but I know it when I see it.

For traditional format web comics, one of the best ever made is Think two years of PA is bad? This guy updated *every day* for five years.

If you want something more graphic novel, then definitely check out the Overgrowth comic:…

I also recommend the unfinished fan comic Zenith that I blogged about some time ago:…


I think what matters to any comic is to a have a strong sense of theme / diction, and to stick to it solidly.

append delete #4. Martijn

Oh boy, I read so many comics online that a big part of my feed reader is dedicated to it. In the end, your style really doesn’t matter, as long as you have a good story line.

I like CAD and PA. As for witty (news paper-like) comics I’ve read every XKCD and Dilbert out there. Also a big fan of Garfield and the Swedish Halge. (Hälge, actually, but not supported by this font.)

Some online comics with big story lines I like are The Dreamland Chronicles… the work of Sarah Ellerton (Dreamless, The Phoenix Requiem and Inverloch)… and Misfile…

The latter loses when it comes to art, it has a notebook sketch feel to it, but as I said it’s about the story in the end. And story-wise, it’s very clever.

I shouldn’t forget to mention AppleGeeks either. Both the lite and the “full” comic version are brilliant.

Some more web like comics--if this would be some sort of fixed genre--I read would be Menage a 3… (not always safe for work) and Sinfest…

For art I have to point towards the work of Dresden Codak…

I’m also a big fan of Manga, reading the mainstream stuff like One Piece, Fairy Tail and Fullmetal Alchemist and not shying away from the somewhat more obscure like Code:Breaker, 1/2 Prince or even Ouran High School Host Club.

A thing I like about Manga is the enormous amount of it. They are not limited to certain genres either. Once in a while I like to pick up a detective or a romance story and it’s all there.

So, yeah, I pretty much read all the genres you mentioned. Exept for political themed comics that is, could anyone give me some pointers on those?

I’ll go through my feed reader a bit tomorrow and see if anything I haven’t mentioned slipped my mind.

TL;DR: It’s about the story, I like funny things, art comes second.

append delete #5. theraje

@Martijn, re political comics: I think political comics are generally used in newspapers, still... Our local paper always has a spot for one every day, usually by a different cartoonist each time. Just depends on what the topic of the day is, and they invariably offend SOMEONE. :P

append delete #6. Wannes

Like Martijn, I'm also fond of xkcd, it looks so simple, but it's brilliant. I also like calvin & hobbes, just pure fun to see that kid and his tiger. And of course Garfield, it's a classic to me.

append delete #7. SpeedoJoe

I forgot Axe Cop.…

It's one of the best.

append delete #8. Johann

Sinfest has already been mentioned... oh how I love it! I'm reading it since 2000 or so, and it's amazing to watch it evolve, yet stay true to itself. So if you don't know it yet, by all means check it out (and dive into the archives as well). It's among the truly great in my books =)


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