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append delete Z. Smith

I've read just about every comment on this forum and I have noticed that Kroc uses some of his Remarkable syntax in his replies (like ~ for quotes). I was wondering Kroc: Do you do this out of pure habit or do you have plans for implementing some Remarkable parsing on here?

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append delete #1. theraje

IIRC, Kroc has mentioned the possibility of adding some sort of simple BBCode-styling. What form of BBCode (standard bracket stuff, or ReMarkable syntax) remains to be seen.

I doubt we'll see much (the C=64 font doesn't bold, italicize, etc.), but maybe quotations would be doable.

append delete #2. Kroc

I'm still largely undecided about what to do with text formatting. The theme isn't a barrier to that, remember that it's just the theme for *this* forum. Other website may be using this software with a different theme; so I will add bold and italic markup, they will just appear visually different on this site (bold is white and italic could be a different colour).

I use the tildes just because it looks nice and clear and it's immediately apparent what it is (rather than --- which is understood as a paragraph break, like `<hr />`).

I like syntax to be lightweight and plain-text readable, so some of the ideas in ReMarkable are a good starting place, like the *bold* and _italic_ formats.

Also, remember that we're looking for simplicity and a lack of superfluousness. For example, there will never be a way to make hyperlinks without the URL being visible. This just helps spam and people who wish to abuse the site. It does absolutely no harm to me or you by having hyperlink URLs always visible.

append delete #3. Z. Smith

Ah, I see. And I agree with you about the URLs being always visible. Only to often I have found a promising link on a forum to find that it led to some spam site.

append delete #4. ZapTap

@Kroc: While I agree with you on the *bold* and _italics_ concept, I think it could do to be switched up a bit.. to me it makes more sense as _underline_ *bold* and /italics/, as that works to clarify which action will occur by parsing the most closely related character. After all, the original use of the underscore was to underline words on a typewriter, no?

append delete #5. Jose Pedro Arvela

What I think is essential is having paragraphs and links (which we already have), block quotes and code blocks which are not parsed. Anything else is just a little nice extra. Probably useful but not essential are perhaps lists. Useful for mods and admins are <del> and <ins> tags. <ins> tags might also be usable if double postings are implemented as additions to the previous post, as it was suggested in an earlier thread.

The best solution, as I see it, is a simplified ReMarkable syntax for blockquotes, code blocks and lists. Anything else is unnecessary form my point of view.


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