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Die, Bunny, Die!


_Die, Bunny, Die!_ is a game I'm working on:

You play as a young woman who, having gotten herself into a bit of a predicament, finds herself standing atop of a tall building in a city wearing a bunny-suit, blood on her hands, about to throw herself to her death when a dark god offers a Faustian bargain. She finds herself in a place outside of normal time and space, doomed to die to an infinite series of brutal death traps, one death after another, forever.

After years, possibly decades, in this prison of a dark god she's lost her memory of who she was and how she got there. You, the player, must explore the meta-physical space of the prison and begin to piece together the story of who she is; how she got there; why is she wearing a bunny-suit, of all things; and perhaps find a way to escape.

* Blog post on Camen Design:
* page, including development log:


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