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amazing tool, would love to use that with some other students. The only thing missing for us is an option to get an email notification if a new thread/ post is taken to ALL people registered, not only to the admin owner..

Is there a chance to integrate that, or can maybe someone please be so kind to let me know, how I need to change the config file, that the notifications are sent to 4 email addresses?

Thanks a million in advance!

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As far as I know, the forum does not send any email. Not even to the admin. And there is no easy way to add it other than adding it into the core programming.

There is no way to extend the forum functionality when someone is posting yet. This may be added in the future (see but for now it is not easily added.

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I thought the threads and forums can be followed using RSS (that's how the data is saved, too). Is that an acceptable alternative, or must it be an email?

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@Martijn: Thanks for the detailed explanation. Thought that I saw somewhere, that an Email address will be put into the config file and due to this, notifications will be sent around.

@Ben: Personally, for me that is fine. But the other team members very sadly are not the big computer guys and I am already happy, that I could explain them the email system :-)

I even checked my webhoster - they offer email distribution lists, so I would not even need the option to integrate 4 mail addresses -> now it would be just one :-)

Too sad, that it seems that there's no option for an Email notification - the concept would be perfect for our group, especially as it is really simple and mobile friendly... AHHHHH, any ideas? It would be enough, if an email would be sent around, that a new thread/ post with the title "[Post title]/ [Threat title] was posted - that's it ;-)

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There are RSS-to-Email services that you could look into:


If you want to get your hands dirty, this is where you could add a `mail()` in the forum:

For replies right before or after writing to the file, which happens on lines 421 and 422 in the current release:

For appends right before or after writing to the file, which happens on lines 128 and 129 in the current release:

For new threads right before or after the file is created, which happens on line 59 in the current release:

So yes. You’ll have to change 2 different files, on 3 different places total, if you want email notifications for these things.


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