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Firefox 4


It’s a mess.

Worst of all? They’ve removed the RSS button. This makes me rage more than anything.

Mozilla are increasingly losing the plot here, chasing after dragons and not fixing the things that actually matter to end users.

Flash + PDF make up almost 90% of all exploits on the web. Google have fixed this by implementing their own PDF reader in Chrome, and bundling Flash with Chrome and tying it to Chrome’s aggressive update cycle.

Mozilla? Put a link on the launch page to say their plugins are out of date and linking them to the Flash Player download page, one of the single worst download pages on the entire web. I have never known an end user to successfully download and install Flash from that page.

Bookmarking still sucks. There are 10 year old CSS bugs that still need fixing. The new UI is highly unpolished. Their HTML5 video is still inaccessible. The bookmarks import hasn’t changed since 2004.

To be frank, I really can see Chrome quite easily over taking Firefox. Mozilla need to invest in spit & polish, and quick.


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