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Am I the only other person who thinks Firefox 4 needs *a lot* of work before it's released? The chrome seems laggy and unresponsive at best. The new text/text shadow rendering looks awful, especially with a larger font sizes. For some reason the incremental rendering of HTML pages is especially noticeable - very ugly and unpleasant to look at, and it adds to that feeling of lagginess that the UI creates.

I was excited to try the Firefox 4 beta and was intent on making it my new main browser, but I can't even use it practically. I prefer using FF3.6 for now. I hope it is all fixed in the future. I realize it is just a beta, but these things worry me: if Firefox 4 ends up being released like this, I will probably switch to google chrome. Unfortunately, neither Firebug Lite nor the WebKit inspector tool can even compare to Firebug on Firefox.

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append delete #1. Kroc

It’s a mess.

Worst of all? They’ve removed the RSS button. This makes me rage more than anything.

Mozilla are increasingly losing the plot here, chasing after dragons and not fixing the things that actually matter to end users.

Flash + PDF make up almost 90% of all exploits on the web. Google have fixed this by implementing their own PDF reader in Chrome, and bundling Flash with Chrome and tying it to Chrome’s aggressive update cycle.

Mozilla? Put a link on the launch page to say their plugins are out of date and linking them to the Flash Player download page, one of the single worst download pages on the entire web. I have never known an end user to successfully download and install Flash from that page.

Bookmarking still sucks. There are 10 year old CSS bugs that still need fixing. The new UI is highly unpolished. Their HTML5 video is still inaccessible. The bookmarks import hasn’t changed since 2004.

To be frank, I really can see Chrome quite easily over taking Firefox. Mozilla need to invest in spit & polish, and quick.

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Yeah, I would be happy for Chrome if it did (and at the same time, sad for Firefox). It's a good browser.

It puts me, and I imagine others, in a horrible position though. I can't imagine working without Firebug. I'm desperately hoping that the makers of Firebug update Chromebug so that it is actually useful. I'll also lose a number of other addons/extensions, that I regularly use with Firefox, in the transition. Google Chrome seems to lack the extensibility potential that Firefox has. As I understand it, Chrome places very strict restrictions on what addons can and cannot do.

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Also Kroc, I figure this might be a convenient place to mention it as I just looked at your site in Google Chrome for the first time in a while.

You can fix your search input box by adding "-webkit-appearance: textfield;" to the properties (it's "search" by default, and webkit has that weird search widget).

append delete #4. Jose Pedro Arvela

"The chrome seems laggy and unresponsive at best."
That is one of the problems of making an entire interface out of XUL and JavaScript and never restart from scratch for over half a decade...

"The new text/text shadow rendering looks awful, especially with a larger font sizes."
That is actually Window's fault. Direct2D uses different text rendering settings than GDI (which is absurd at minimum). For Firefox to have hardware accelerated content on Windows, it will necessarily have that text rendering. I think it is possible to change D2D settings to look uniform with the system tough.

"They’ve removed the RSS button."
Actually, they made it a toolbar button, you can now place it anywhere (although I do agree it should have been kept visible in the default layout).

My opinion is that I hate to admit it but I'm forced to agree, Firefox needs to make a clean up and polish revision. An example of the benefits of this is how the new HTML parser (made for HTML 5) solved an incredible number of bugs, because it was made from scratch, instead of trying to fix what Mozilla had before.

Other than this, I don't know what more to say. Firefox is my favorite browser, it seems to me to still be the only one to take a somewhat native approach when making an interface (FF3 interface on Windows Vista is not the case because they weren't able to include Aero support), while all other browsers go with interfaces which are incredibly small (or not), but also incredibly heavy on the eyes. It also seems to be the most customizable browser and I like most features of it. Yet, I see all other browsers, quick and responsive, but I still don't like them. I don't understand why. Nonetheless, I'm getting tired of Firefox' quirks.
It's hard to explain, and frustrating to feel it.

(One thing for sure: firebug beats Webkit developer tools anytime)


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