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First thread: pointless

append delete Adam S

I'm really excited to try out the forum, if only because I know a little about the underpinnings.

Good luck with the new branch of your site, Kroc!

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append delete #1. JJ

Yeah, I'm attracted to simplicity for some reason.

A forum system coded in ~700 lines. I just like the sound of it.

I've tried coding a forum two separate times in my life. Each time, I went over the top and started adding features no one would realistically need or use. The code ended up really sloppy and I abandoned the project both times.

append delete #2. Kroc

The code is quite awful, it's the concept that matters.

Thanks for the support, really appreciated :)

append delete #3. Kroc

Just a quick test.

append delete #4. Grimmeh

I only wish I had thought of such a simple concept when I gave coding my own forum software a shot. The user control part of that was probably more complex than all of this. I tip my hat to you, sir.

append delete #5. Paul

Hey, i would like to test this too.
This board sure looks beautiful :)

append delete #6. philip

oh my god. this font makes me so happy. PHILIP

append delete #7. JJ

Even if the code is sloppy right now (actually it seems a lot cleaner now that you've templated everything, Kroc), a project that doesn't add useless features so liberally is a lot more manageable; easier to revise and make sure that its efficient.


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