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I'm new to this NoNonsenseForum stuff so please bare with. I've downloaded the files and set up the forum. The forum loads and I have started to customise it a little. The one thing I have had trouble with is changing the site name at the top of the page. I have been able to change the logo but not the text. Could someone please tell me how I can change the forum name text at the top of the page.

Many thanks...

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In your forum root you should have a file called `config.default.php`. Copy it and rename it `config.php`. Now edit this renamed copy with any settings you want, including the site name!

The site name is the second configurable option on line 24.

Good luck!

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Sorted it myself in the end. Just needed to rest my browser for the change to appear...

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Thank you Martijn for your reply. That is exactly what I did but I needed to reset my browser for the change to appear...

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You can also use Ctrl+F5 (Internet Explorer) / Ctrl+Shift+R (others) to force the page to update in the browser.


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