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Future developments ?

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Thank you for this very useful tool.
Do you think you can make it work with php8?

Thank you.

:: @cram added on 19 Feb ’22 · 18:30


In particular, I think there is a problem with images and stylesheets (css) of the theme, when you are behind a reverse proxy...

I would be very interested in a possible evolution and configuration in this sense, unless you have a solution to propose me?
I use NGINX as a reverse proxy, and I can't find a solution... :(


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@cram i think is no longer mantained. I like the idea of a minimalistic forum that can run without too many troubles. Ideal for little web pages with low traffic. Being able to post without an account is another plus to privacy. The only downside i think is its security. Cheers from Argentina!!

append delete #2. Martijn

There is the GitHub repo and I bet @Kroc would accept pull requests. I am not currently running a copy of NoNonsense Forum myself anymore, so I am not likely to do an update myself. Though I am more than happy to review code changes.

Not sure if there was ever official support for Nginx. The forum depends on the .htaccess file used by Apache, I think. Are you using Nginx as a reverse proxy in front of an Apache instance? If so, there should not be any problems, unless Nginx is not proxying requests correctly to Apache?

:: @Martijn added on 15 Mar ’22 · 17:55

GitHub link:

append delete #3. cram

Good evening,

I switched back to php 7.4: it works ;)
My http server is nginx and it is possible to do without .htaccess (which is indeed specific to apache).

In the web folder of the forum, I copy the configuration file because I will not use the .htaccess file with nginx:

cp config.default.php config.php

In this file, we specify the folder containing the users information:

``@define ('FORUM_USERS', '../forum_users');``

In direct url access, this works perfectly. But my reverse proxy is also nginx and I'm still looking for it: If I find it, I'll come back to indicate a solution :)

Thanks to both of you, greetings from France !

Translated with (free version) because je suis nul en anglais :)

append delete #4. Pierre-Marie Baty

PHP8 compatibility needs just a simple patch.

% start.php @line 154
foreach (array ('users/', 'lib/', 'themes/', 'cgi-bin/') as $_) if (stripos ($_, PATH) === 0) die ();

change to:

% start.php @line 154
if (PATH != "") foreach (array ('users/', 'lib/', 'themes/', 'cgi-bin/') as $_) if (stripos ($_, PATH) === 0) die ();

and also:

% lib/domtemplate/domtemplate.php @line 23
class DOMTemplate extends DOMTemplateNode {

move down this whole class definition block after that one:

% lib/domtemplate/domtemplate.php
abstract class DOMTemplateNode {

The new location for the DOMTemplate class becomes around line 380.

:: @Pierre-Marie Baty added on 05 May ’22 · 14:06

*edit* I almost forgot one.

% lib/utf8safe.php @line 50
if (get_magic_quotes_gpc ()) {

change to:

% lib/utf8safe.php @line 50
if (function_exists ("get_magic_quotes_gpc") && get_magic_quotes_gpc ()) {

After that my copy seems to work (nginx-1.20.2/PHP-8.0.18).

append delete #5. cram

Thank you for these adjustment suggestions.
I will try...

Otherwise it's fine for me with NGINX as HTTP server and a reverse proxy (NGINX too) upstream: you just have to be a bit rigorous... ;)

Thank you.


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