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:: Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror - Remastered

* Point and Click adventure, PC/Mac, iOS/Android (original also on PSX)

The sequel lacks the ground-breaking story in the first game and whilst Broken Sword II is more of all the good things -- art, voices, music and varied environments -- the story of south-American mythology is underdeveloped and struggles mid-game to drive things forward. The characters seem all too motivated for a rather weak back-story and sometimes I just want to be able to ask the characters "why the heck would you care?"

I can recommend it to anybody who has played the first or who wants to play decent point and click adventures of any stripe, but it's nowhere near the masterpiece that is the first game.

:: Highlights

* Good art, voice-acting, humor, atmosphere ...
* Puzzles are that bit more complex and difficult. The first game was largely unsure how much or little puzzles should fit into the narrative and is weaker in that regard compared to contemporaries

:: Areas of Improvement

* Very weak, under-developed story
* Weak antagonists with "presume I'm evil" written all over them; they spend very little time actually being part of the plot
* Rushed ending that throws in a handful of annoying, slow-paced puzzles with no real purpose just to fill-out and make use of the final location
* Lacks any additional content like the "Director's Cut" edition of Broken Sword I


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