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:: Broken Sword: The Director's Cut

* Point-and-click adventure

If you have never played Broken Sword then it is necessary to say up front that it is one of the greatest point-and-click adventures ever made and you should play it. ~The Director's Cut~ is a modern re-release with added game play, story and puzzles and is more accessible; having been released on Wii / DS / Windows / Linux / Android / iOS, though should get the GoG edition as it comes bundled with the original game too --

The story basically involves chasing an assassin across the globe and uncovering the secrets of a medieval knights' order. If you've played the game before then ~Director's Cut~ adds a prologue from the perspective of the secondary protagonist so there's enough new here to be worthwhile to old players. It's only sad that the new story elements dry up before you're half way through, and I would consider this the ~Director's Cut~ biggest flaw rather than the common complaints thrown at it:

The old graphics have not been re-done merely resized from SVGA (800x600), giving a blurry-edged appearance due to a lack of full transparency (it's 1-bit, like a GIF). Redoing all the graphics and animation at modern resolution would be a monumental task that should be saved for the future; you can play the original if you prefer your pixels sharper-edged.

Back in the day we would be playing on a 14-to-15" monitor and the pixels would be large enough for the character animation to be the focus during conversations, but on modern monitors the original graphics can appear a lot smaller, so some character portraits are added to the screen during conversation, yet these aren't animated!

The additional puzzles added to the game appear in the modern style (as I have described in the ~Sherlock Holmes~ reviews above) and either you're okay with this or loathe them, but they're not up to the standard of ~Sherlock Holmes~ and can be a bit of a nuisance (at least instructions are provided!).

I'm not going to go into any more detail, this is a game you should unquestionably play, GoG is the best place to buy it and there's enough there for old players to get their money's worth even if you don't regard it as equal to the original.

:: Highlights

* One of the best stories in any game, ever
* Beautiful scenery, a work of art

:: Areas of Improvement:

* The game is perfect and no remake will ever please everybody, ergo ~Director's Cut~ could only be improved by providing more new content interspersed through the original (rather than being solely weighted to the beginning). The only way to meaningfully improve Broken Sword overall would be a complete redo of all graphics from scratch and that's some way away yet


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