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:: Half Life

* FPS, PC (1998)

Finally actually pushed my way through this until the end as one of those games I can't leave uncompleted. Loads has been written about Half Life, I won't be able to write a better review than what's out there other than to note my experience. It starts off good and then slowly, bit by bit, descends into an annoyance. The early game is great, the mid-game throws in less-interesting and more annoying enemies and then as soon as you enter the other-world, Xen, the low-gravity platforming and nuisence enemies become a slog culminating in boss fight that I couldn't possibly have cared less about if I tried. The game simply never builds up to a final boss, so when it comes along it's dull, cheap and pointless. (It took me two months to be bothered to actually beat it)

Half Life is not a bad FPS, in fact it's very good, it just doesn't maintain the same level of innovation and entertainment throughout.

:: Highlights

* Innovative level design, especially early on

:: Areas of Improvement

* One of the worst end-bosses I've experienced, even including DOOM II, Quake I & Quake IV. I don't know why people rag on about the story so much, the ending is complete 'meh' IMO.


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