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:: Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge

* Platformer, PSX / PC

Yes, Frogger; that Frogger. Normally such rehashes of old games are awful (see ~Frogger: He's Back!~ for example), but this take by Hasbro is a much better game than your typical journalist would like to take credit for. The graphics are some of the best for the Playstation, the animation is good, the movement is good and the Frogger concept is expanded into a full platformer with a huge amount of variety. People are missing out not giving this a look-in!

:: Highlights:

* Clever gameplay mechanics
* Plenty of variety across the levels
* Very difficult toward the end, it's not just a kid's game!

:: Area of Improvement:

* Having a lives system just spoils the flow. Play with an infinite lives cheat to spare your sanity
* A short experience


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