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:: WRC FIA World Rally Championship Arcade

* Rally/Racing, PSX

Very little has been written about this game; it came out late in the PlayStation's life (2002) by which time the PS2 had ground all commercial interest in the PS1 to a halt. Which is also probably why the game never aspires to much. The "Arcade" in the title was probably placed there to save the developers from complaint that there isn't all that much there -- no tyre selection or car repair, just the usual selection of countries and cars. Whilst it's no Colin McRae Rally, it's still no bad thing. If you're looking for a nice-looking, easy to pick up and play rally game then this is a good diversion. The game is generally easy -- you'll be able to get through 75% of it before it gives you any trouble -- and whilst it gets harder, it never becomes impossible (*cough*ColinMcRae*cough*).

The modes are very basic: Your standard easy, medium, and hard pre-set rallies of 4, 6, and 8 countries respectively; A "Grid" mode, which give you the complete layout of 'cars x tracks' in which to get gold in all of them; Time Trial, and two player head-to-head.

If you want something, like me, that you can come back to in bits and pieces over time and get through without hitting a wall of impossibility, then this is a good game for such a diversion.

:: Highlights

* The grid mode gives you plenty to do in an orderly fashion
* Good handling that, combined with the difficulty curve, means you don't need to master it too early on

:: Areas of Improvement

* The Time Trial mode is pretty useless as there are no staff times to beat, and no ghost cars
* No damage / repair system
* Lacks creativity and effort for the genre


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