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:: Sherlock Holmes versus Arsene Lupin (aka Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis)

* Point and click adventure, PC

Another one down in my tour through the Sherlock Holmes adventure games! This one comes before ~vs. Jack the Ripper~ in the developer's history. As I proceed backwards in their catalogue, we come across more rough edges.

The plot has a nice forward direction with Sherlock Holmes and Watson being one step behind the dastardly French gentleman cat-burglar, Arsene Lupin, on a mission to humiliate the staid British Empire.

The environments are really the tour-de-force here and the primary reason to play the game. More so than the others, there are some really stunningly gorgeous environments to explore in detail, including the Tower of London, the British Museum (including the epic Reading Room: as well as the National Portrait Gallery. Walking around and looking at the detailed paintings in the gallery, just for the sake of it, is a strange and very rewarding experience.

_In fact, if only as a sight-seeing tour of London you should play this game!_

It falls down on puzzles though. This game is heavily weighted toward mathematical and other calculating puzzles, and it's not that they are difficult, but ultimately it's an immersion-breaking experience as you'll have to use pen and paper (or worse switching between windows often) to attack them. I'm playing on a laptop in a variety of places, for short periods of time. One I've worked out _what_ needs to be done, the actual task of _doing it_ is often a huge time-consuming rote chore. Thankfully the game includes a full built in guide, so if you're in more of a hurry to progress you can let the game just give you the answer to the crazy amount of math once you've worked out the concept yourself.

:: Highlights

* Crazy beautiful environments. A practical virtual-tour of London landmarks
* Nice plot and pacing, aided by a great historical villain

:: Areas of Improvement

* Painfully rote puzzles (which thankfully the built-in-guide will save you from)
* A lack of deduction boards makes this less Sherlock Holmes and more Watson


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