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RE[12]: Game Reviews


:: Sam & Max Save the World ("Season 1")

* Point and Click Adventure, PC/X360/Wii

Whilst the point-and-click adventure had all but died by 2001, it did manage to pass the time with some moderate success in Europe in the early 2000's. Come 2006, Telltale Games were willing to give the adventure genre a go with a new commercial model of "episodic games". Thus, Sam and Max Save the World is in reality six, separate, shorter adventure games sharing a general thematic story arc.

The writing and humour in Sam and Max is best described as "zany", which is something that almost always comes off badly in any game but Sam & Max is about the only time that zany has been genuinely funny and not overly forced. The writing is absolutely bonkers and there's humour in pretty much everything, everywhere. It's worth a play based on this merit alone.

The game(s) suffers a little from too much re-use of phrases in the first three episodes (they change it all up in the later episodes, obviously from player feedback at the time), and repetitive scenery in the first two episodes (the scenes and scenarios get more outlandish as the episodes progress). It's obvious that they were just finding their feet with the episodic model and the early episodes show where the format struggles compared against a single, longer game.

The stories are engaging and the characters varied and the puzzles fair, if only flawed by the repetitive nature of the environments in most episodes making it very easy for you to miss what's vital in one episodes versus unnecessary in another.

If you have played Sam & Max Hit the Road (1993), then just as "more Sam & Max" you should play this. If you're looking for the best in adventure games, it's kind of passable.

:: Highlights

* Great and unrelenting sense of humour
* A good cast of characters

:: Areas of Improvement

* The final "boss" fight in each episode can be dull and pedantic
* Way too much repetition in most of the episodes can be off-putting and de-rail puzzles
* Ultimately, quite short at about 7-8 hours gameplay for the complete set of 6 episodes

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