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RE[6]: Game Reviews


(I have quite a backlog of reviews to get through but things have been especially tough at home as of late)

:: Final Fantasy

* Genre: RPG / Platform: PSP (also NES, iOS/Android)

The first Final Fantasy was a landmark title -- in North America anyway; Japan and Europe already had many RPGs to choose from. It was innovative then, but would have little to offer to those looking for games to play these days as it has been so superseded by the RPGs that followed it. If it were not for the name, and the games that followed, the original Final Fantasy would be consigned to the bargain bin of gaming history; nothing more than a curio of times past.

I've just recently completed the PSP remake which modernises the look of the game without fundamentally changing what it is. You should play this if:

a. You are a completionist and feel the need to do FF1 through 9
b. You like RPG variety and will play basically anything available
c. You need something quick and simple because you don't have all day to sit in front of a TV any more
d. You don't like over-grindy and complex RPGs, or RPGs in general

The game is fundamentally too simple; the limitations of the original hardware define the boundaries. The script is scant, the plot paper thin and the mechanics practically remedial. For example, the magic just isn't varied and complex enough, providing only a rough few elemental types that lack tactics at the high end.

The PSP port greatly enhances the graphics but fails to really rethink the plot and script. Selecting your part from a list of classes gives nothing in the way of character background and characters barely progress from there -- only a class upgrade half way through introduces some kind of character progression.

:: Highlights

* The PSP port is accessible, with good graphics
* A good game for when you want something not too taxing to blast through

:: Areas of Improvement

* Each character you select at the beginning could have had an individual prologue section, culminating in the forming of your team, which would have greatly enhanced the story and character building of the game
* The magic system is not diverse enough

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