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Getting .flv format to work in IE

append delete John Ford

This is a great tutorial! It takes a lot of mystery out of video on the web. In following you tutorial on embedding video on a html page, the only one I was unable to get to work was for .flv format.
I understand that you indicated .swf format for flash player. I had difficulty in finding a converter to that format. I couldn't get the .flv format to show up in internet exploder. I'm not keen on uploading video to youtube because I'm not comfortable in surrendering copyright and to the google copyright police. Great work. Any tips?

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append delete #1. Kroc

I don’t say anything about FLV anywhere in my article, not once, so I’m not sure where that idea comes from. You don’t need to use FLV, just MP4 and OGG.

Video for Everybody is a raw piece of code and requires good knowledge of HTML and media formats. If you require something easier to set up, try which is much more comprehensive than VfE.

append delete #2. John Ford

I know you didn't mention .flv - The trouble is getting the video into .swf format. I couldn't get .mp4 and .ogg containers to work in Internet Explorer. I got it work in firefox as .ogv format. The only trouble is with Internet Explorer.

You have to admit the number of containers and browsers in which to read them is mind-boggling. I don't mind being patient and do the coding myself so I appreciate yours.

append delete #3. Kroc

You’ll need to upload a demo page of your current page in order for us to check what’s wrong. The video doesn’t have anything to do with the SWF format. The Flash file is a player, such as JWPlayer that you download yourself. See the notes section of the VfE article:…


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