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hash algorithm in na

append delete haeulog

sorry for being too lasy to read the code, but i m just curious which hash algorithm u use to store the above entered password.
thx in advance (:

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append delete #1. JJ…

It uses md5.

append delete #2. Kroc

I could use something better, but the passwords are salted and the files are not accessible so nobody can find out what a persons hash is in order to reverse it anyway.

Also, now, I can't change the hashing method without invalidating all of the current reserved names :P

append delete #3. Nicholas

Well, you can easily layer another hash on top. That is the method university UNIX systems can use to incrementally upgrade password protection: each couple of years, run b*crypyt another thousand times per password check, and upgrade the users file by adding re-hashing each hash the extra thousand times.


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