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How do I make "shqip" Language

append delete blackdot

How do I set as default language my translation language.Shqip.php edited but it shows just english as an Default language !

:: @blackdot added on 13 Jun ’18 · 23:02

I would like to remove English language from selection !

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append delete #1. Martijn

Languages are managed by the theme. There is an option for setting the default:

There is also an option for setting the list of languages you want to make selectable:

But I am not sure how easy it is to actually get rid of English entirely, as I have never tried. If you encounter any issues with these settings, you could always file an issue:

append delete #2. AnteroKura

I made finnish language file but when i change language to finnish from selector pages loose url, like if click markup it cant find that page and i get error, but when selecting back to enlish url works again. I didnt translate anything, just made and in that file i set $LANG['en']['name'] = 'Finnish'; to test if it works.


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