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How to change the user's password

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What changed the password to the user a way, what a way to know the password
How to change the user's password.

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How to change the user's password.

Every user has its own file in your users folder. The filename is an sha512 hash of the lowercase version of whatever the user’s name is. Inside the file you will find an sha512 hash of the user’s password (salted with the user’s name hash).

As the forum admin you have access to the files on the server and can just swap out the hash with a new one.

As a hint, there are plenty of websites that can help you hash strings. DuckDuckGo even has it built-in:

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Thank you so much
Excellent know that the file name is sha512

Example: name admin *.TXT


Within a file *.TXT
There is this:


This is no encryption.
And password did not understand what is encrypted Type.

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This is no encryption.

No, it is a hash, not even a very secure one 😉

Your example is right, user `admin` would have their password stored in `c7ad44cbad762a5da0a452f9e854fdc1e0e7a52a38015f23f3eab1d80b931dd472634dfac71cd34ebc35d16ab7fb8a90c81f975113d6c7538dc69dd8de9077ec.txt`.

The password is hashed together with the username hash, using this code:

% from start.php
hash ('sha512', $name.PASS)

So if the user `admin` has the word `admin` as password this is hashed like:


I hope that explain it!

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Thank you very much now I understand correctly.
I thank succeeded in changing the password and user name, and I understood it perfectly

user: 2015

Password: 2015


(Leave this as-is, it’s a trap!)

There is no need to “register”, just enter the same name + password of your choice every time.

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