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HOW TO FIX: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in

append delete Alix Baur

Hello guys,
I tried to install nonosense forum on my server, but all i get is this:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /forum/index.php on line 57

Has somebody an idea to fix that? Line 57 in the index.php version i got is:
))->remove ('//category');

Thank you,

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append delete #1. Kroc

Could be that the DOMTemplate object did not create correctly. Could you download the Development version of NNF and try that please?

append delete #2. Alix Baur

I uploaded the development version. the same error occured. I changed the settings of the folder to 755.
I have cakephp installed at my server, but i created a subdomain for the forum and a new folder for the forum.
My server has the following installed:
PHP-Version(en): 4.4, 5.2, 5.3 und 5.4
Perl-Version: 5.10
MySQL-Version: 5.5

Thank you for your help. I really want to install nonosense forum, because it is exactly what I need.

append delete #3. Martijn

What PHP version are you running for the forum? I guess you were asked to chose one of the 4 you mention?

append delete #4. Alix Baur

i changed it to 5.4, still not working.

append delete #5. Alix Baur

oh, wow now it is working. Had put the worng php version.

append delete #6. Alix Baur

But now a different problem arrised. If I try to post somthing:

Warning: transliterator_transliterate(): Could not create transliterator with ID "NFKD; Latin; Latin/US-ASCII; [:Nonspacing Mark:] Remove; Lower" (transliterator_create: unable to open ICU transliterator with id "NFKD; Latin; Latin/US-ASCII; [:Nonspacing Mark:] Remove; Lower": U_INVALID_ID) in /var/www/web1338/html/forum/lib/websafe.php on line 242

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/web1338/html/forum/lib/websafe.php:242) in /var/www/web1338/html/forum/index.php on line 65

append delete #7. Kroc

Ah, yes this is a current bug with the PHP 5.4 transliterator! Your server has PHP 5.4 but not all of the libraries. You should switch to PHP5.3, or look at the advice in this thread to disable the error: Sorry about this, it will be fixed soon but it's likely to do with your specific server as it doesn't happen on my own.

append delete #8. Muthu

Hai all

How to change the version from Php 4 to php 5.4,

I downlaod the nonosense forum afterthat want i want to do

Please explain??

append delete #9. Martijn

@Muthu: are you using the latest forum version from ? I thought it shouldn’t give an error and instead tell you your PHP version is not supported.

Either way, we cannot help you change the version of PHP on your server. You should contact your hosting provider about that.

append delete #10. Muthu

my php version is 5.3.5
I want to convert it into php 5.4

append delete #11. Martijn

NoNonsenseForum should work on PHP 5.3.5 as far as I know! What exactly is the error?

Unless there is some option for changing PHP version on your control panel, or you are running on a VPS and can install software on the server yourself, you will need to contact your hosting company. There is nothing you can do (or we can help you with) to change the software on the server on a default shared hosting package.

append delete #12. Kroc

@Muthu As @Martijn says, is there a problem running the forum, because there's little to no difference between running NNF on PHP 5.3 / 4 except some extended transliteration?

append delete #13. Ben

NNF aside, please also bear in mind that PHP 5.3 is at End of Life and is no longer supported, even for critical security issues, by PHP itself.

Seriously consider switching to a minimum of 5.5. 5.4 is only receiving security support at the moment (critical security issues only) and even that is ending this September.


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