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How to prevent video buffer 'stuttering' when my videos are being viewed

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I have recently started using your code for playing videos on my web pages.
THANK YOU. It has helped a LOT!
One problem that I still cannot overcome is that viewers complain that too often my videos take too long with buffering and buffer too often.
Yet on the same computer and same ISP and the same internet traffic time a YouTube video (for example) will play smoothly with no stopping.
I do have 'auto preload' in the code and that only helps for the first few minutes.
The videos are usually about 12 minutes running time.
Also, I've done what I can to reduce file size (720 x 480, 25p, 15 mbps) without destroying quality, but the stutter-buffering problem persists.
The answer is obviously out there.

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Depends how you're encoding the videos -- 15 mbps is too high! You're literally asking for your viewers to have an Internet connection of a steady 20 mbps or so. You should be encoding at between 1 & 2 mbps!


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