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How would I add webm to this

append delete steve420

i have this code here for phrasing videos from youtube and images but i cant seem to figure out how to get webms to work with it

i attempted to copy and well modify but I got no where and ended up with

anyone able to help thanks

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append delete #1. Martijn

It looks right, what about it isn’t working? I’ll see if I can whip up a test install of NNF later today and give it a try.

append delete #2. steve421

I attempted to use it on my forums but the only thing that would load after implementing it is a white page. I think it was a log file that displayed the error was on the last line of the block of code.

I am also getting sitemap issues
Forum installed in
Meaning posts would be
All links in sitemap point to

I should point out I'm using the current dev branch.

append delete #3. Martijn

Found the problem, and here is the working code in full:

You had to use `controls="controls"`. DOMTemplate will change this to just `controls` when it outputs HTML, but the code you are using is a bit of a hack I made that works only on XML. Attributes without value aren’t allowed in XML. I guess “Invalid XHTML” would have been a better Exception to throw, as your HTML was completely valid.

I have also opened up an issue on the bug tracker regarding the sitemap: Haven’t had the time to look for a solution yet.

Hope this helps!

append delete #4. Kroc

I've fixed the sitemap issue on the development branch, thanks for reporting!


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