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Does the html5 mp4 "have" to be encoded as h.264? Can it be a regular mp4?

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What encoding would you use for “a regular mp4”? What makes using the H.264 codec an irregular MP4?

This question is manifold, and so is the answer:

1. HTML5 does not mention *any* video format. It used to mention “Ogg Theora video and Ogg Vorbis audio” [1] but this was removed. HTML5 itself allows *everything*, it is browsers that do not support so.

2. MP4 is a container format. This means it has nothing to do with whether software can play the video contained in it. Only the encoding (the used codec) for the video stream *inside* the MP4 container is of any importance.

3. H.264 is not the only codec supported by browsers. So if the thing you call “regular” is a coded supported by a browser feel free to use it.

I recommend you read the Video section of Dive into HTML5: It will talk you through containers and codecs. It also includes an overview of what different formats work in different browsers [2].


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Thank you ... your #3 answer best suited my concern, which is to use mp4 but not the h.264 coding within the mp4 due to the patent-encumbered tax. I guess I'll be happy if Apple can play a non-H.264 mp4 ... And, I believe it does.

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If we are talking about browsers only it might not be that taxing thanks to Cisco open-sourcing the H.264 codec and Firefox (probably) following suit and implementing it. See (scroll down for some more links to background information).

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Thank you!


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