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I had to do it

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I am one of maybe many who discovered this site only after v0.3 was put up. I never got to see v0.2 in all its awesomenimity (not a word, but should be).

So I made a simple mockup of it by salvaging a page or two off of and grabbing the stylesheet from the camendesign-0.2 zip in the .system/archive directory.…
Sorry, Kroc. I just had to.

I tried to alter the markup as little as possible, but I had to for certain things because I base64 encoded every image and used data uri's left and right so the result was a single .xhtml file.

I never knew how amazing v0.2 was. I had seen the few screenshots that Kroc posted here and there, but they didn't do it justice.

I don't know how many were as unfortunate as me to never see v0.2 until now, but maybe this gives others a glimpse into what they missed. ;p

(Jose, I'm expecting you to make a userstyle for the forum out of this. ;p)

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append delete #1. JJ

Hmm, only seems to work in Firefox for some reason.

append delete #2. Kroc

Wow, that's a blast from the past. No need to apologise :P I still have this running locally on my development machine, but obviously the download I provide in the archive… doesn't include the articles (over 100MB) to recreate the site.

On your copy the dates are not displaying correctly, they should look like this:… but you're probably already aware of that. I wonder if it's a CSS change in Firefox since then.

It's funny how things move on, you can see how rough and skitty the old design is. The blue was chosen because it was the only thing I could find that would go with the orange. I was kind of bashing my head against the wall with that design, and v.3 is far, far more like my original vision for the site.

I'm hoping that v.4 will be even more refined and make v.3 look warn out. Revise, revise, revise!

append delete #3. JJ

Hm, strange. Dunno why they dates don't look right. ...Ah, I think I used the wrong stylesheet, I assumed the markup on the page from was v0.2. When I applied the v.2 stylesheet to it, it looked great, so didn't even consider that it might be v.1. I just checked now, v.1 stylesheet does give it those kind of dates.

I actually had another page in which you were using <legend> instead of <figcaption>, pretty old school. However, even when it was loaded as XHTML I couldn't get <legend> to look right, it did get rid of the fieldset, but still couldn't manage to get it right.

Personally, I thought the orange and blue worked pretty well together. I think the APNG blinking eye logo was my favorite part.

How is work coming along on v0.4? looking forward to seeing it.

append delete #4. Kroc

Being a work of the soul, when it’s done, and not before :P I set no time frame and I promise nothing. I work on it only when I am inspired to do so. I let the code come to me, rather than force it. That is how I code everything these days.

append delete #5. JJ

lol, I understand. A lot of my work comes from just sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike.

append delete #6. Jose Pedro Arvela

I can't believe how different it looks now from how it looked back then, when v0.2 was still up. Comparing it with v0.3 is a real shock. But one thing is still true, those CSS dates (when working), still look awesome.

All you need to do to fix the CSS dates is to replace the markup with:
<a rel="bookmark" href="PERMALINK">
    <abbr title="MONTH_NAME">MONTH_ABBR</abbr> DAY<sup>th</sup> <abbr>’LAST_2_DIGITS_OF_YEAR</abbr>

    <sub>HOURS:MINUTES AM_OR_PM</sub>

(I tried to keep tabs by using unicode non-breaking spaces, lets see if it works)

Other thing I did was go to a[rel~="bookmark"]:hover, a[rel~="bookmark"]:focus and replace -moz-outline with outline, and replace outline-offset to -1px instead (all on Firebug, so I haven't tested anywhere else yet).

I might try to make a userstyle out of it, but it'll be hard to replace those beautiful CSS dates (I do have a few plans tough).

append delete #7. JJ

Ah, I see, damn, didn't realize I had the v.1 markup mixed up with the v.2 stylesheet, damn, it took me forever to base64 all those images and put them into the stylesheet, and then base64 the stylesheet itself, lol.

I fixed the dates' markup, so I guess that makes it camendesign v.15.

append delete #8. Kroc

I’m not sure what the purpose of this exercise is other than curiosity, so I find it rather odd to be providing "suggestions" on how to fix my own code for no other reason than it’s there :P

Why not just use <style> instead and convert the page to HTML5, instead of XHTML5? It was only XML for the sake of Firefox 2.

append delete #9. JJ

I dunno, I wanted it to be as genuine as possible, and preserve the markup - putting a giant style element in the middle of everything wouldn't be too pretty. I originally did this out of curiosity, but after I saw how awesome it was, I threw everything together like this for others to see.


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