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IE takes long to start MP4 video ("Video For Everybody" code generator) Help!

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Hi there.
First of all, thank you very much for putting this easy neat solution to play a video in many browsers/OS.
I was researching in Google for a long time and all I found was complicated, shallow and "for-experts-only" answers.
Until I found this VFEG!
I have a little problem, though.
I tested it in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari (Mac), and in all of them the video starts immediately. Even after cleaning the cache.
But in Windows IE 8 and 9 in Win XP and 7, the movie won't start until, I think, is completely downloaded.
Is there a piece of code that can be added to make it star playing while downloading to the cache as it happens with the other browsers/movie versions?

The mp4 movie is 59 MB (Takes 4 min to start i IE)
The webm movie is 180 MB
The ogv movie is 72 MB

Thank you for your help,

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