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Improvements to NoNonsense Forum theme customising and maintaining custom themes


• Favicon

(NNF should have some sort of "title" divider markup)

The problem with this has been:

* if you replace the favicon, you break git updates
* you would need to edit the htaccess to point it at another file, breaking git updates

However, I had never thought about your idea of having an alternative file that if-present would be used; I could that -- rather, if favicon.ico doesn’t exist, it would fall back to a favicon.default.ico. This can all be done in htaccess without requiring the user to edit or replace NNF files so I’m extremely happy you’ve answered this problem for me!

• Logo

The logo is currently a background image. I was thining of making it an img tag in the HTML so that with theme options, a custom image can easily be specified.

• Colour scheme (alts)

Moving to themes with a config file would make this possible. When I first thought of doing colour alts, I would just clone the default theme and make minor adjustments, but with all the theme changes happening that would be a huge pain and too much redunancy. I’ll rearchitect so that the user can specify the colour-alt in the theme options and it’ll insert an extra stylesheet accordingly for the chosen colour

• Custom CSS

Yep, happy to do this.


Thanks for your suggestions, very welcome and right in line with what I want of NNF.


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