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Improvements to NoNonsense Forum theme customising and maintaining custom themes


So one of the things I realise that NoNonsense Forum (and Camen Design’s forums by proxy) suffer from is a lack of ability to properly customise the theme without resorting to forking, which then becomes hard to maintain as NNF is updated. Also, people wanting to use NNF usually need to modify the theme to integrate with their site, so end up forking anyway.

I have a number of ideas, but I’d also like your help on what improvments and changes and options can be made available in NNF for customising it and maintaining custom themes. I am obviously wanting to avoid spaghetti code that is so customisable, it’s no longer understandable so as always, ideas should be iterated and honed into simplicity and elegance; here are a few of mine:

* The admin should be able to provide an "about.html" file which is inserted into the top of the index pages so that it’s easier to provide an explanation text that describes the forum and what it’s about, as well as any general custom HTML (like social buttons) the admin wants

* Themes should have their own config files that admins can customise, much the same as config.php / config.example.php so that the user can make adjustments in the theme, without having to fork it. This also allows themes to be more custom and diverge from NNFs base theme, in what options it provides

So what else can be done to help you with deploying NNF?


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