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No, translation isn’t implemented, but we are moving toward that possibility. I’m not really hearing back from people implementing NNF to know how this should be done — I don’t speak any other languages, unless you want NNF in pig-latin.

I’m working on exploring the viability of themes3 at the moment (moving to a static template, no embdedded PHP), that will make translation much easier to add. Each theme could specify an array with the translations, and a simple search / replace done on the HTML.

Technical implementation aside though, how would NNF translation actually be handled? My biggest worry is that it ties my hands from changing things around, because if I add any new phrases (like when I add a new feature), then I have to arrange for volunteers to do the translation. (The README file would be horrendous!)

At its current size and exposure, I personally don't believe it's beneficial for NNF to supprt built-in translation. If someone is using it on a foreign site, they can create a custom theme for the translation. With themes3 this effort will be easier to do and much easier to maintain.

I’m welcome to hear from anybody who is running NNF in a multi-language environment or any users where language is a concern. I just haven’t heard any case-stories so far to decide upon.


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