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In the Spirit of Halloween...

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What is your favorite horror flick and why?

I think my personal favorite is the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street." Mainly for nostalgia purposes, of course. Campy, cheesy, and quite hilarious. The villain is also the classic kind of '80s badass we all loved in the day, but laugh at now and wonder what people were on back then. :P

Tell us yours. :)

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append delete #1. Richard

I actually don't like horror that much, got pretty traumatized when I was young.

But when I do watch horror, I like the combination with humor. I love comedy. So I'd say Scary Movie (I can't seriously consider it horror but still...) is my favorite horror movie. :p

append delete #2. SpeedoJoe

Don't watch much horror, but it's all right. The Saw series are sort of funny. The Blair Witch Project shook me up in 1999 when I first saw it and still does to this day (yeah, I know).

I pretty much stopped watching horror regularly after Hostel. That film went a bit too far for me. :)

append delete #3. JJ

Yeah, I'm not really into the horror genre. Not much seemed to actually scare me, although, I imagine that's not why most people are into horror movies. Seems to me a lot of people who like horror films are into it for the sheer novelty of it.

Now that I think about it, the first time I saw the blair witch project, it did really scare me. I was pretty young at the time.


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