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I just want to say that stumbling upon your site the other day and reading your opinions and processes has inspired me to take a renewed enthusiasm in web design and development. I'm a web designer by profession who up until now has specialized in WordPress development. After reading your articles and your perspective on coding and the internet as a whole, I have come to realize just how much I hate WordPress and the bloated code it produces.

Seeing your conviction for decentralized open protocols, lightweight code that gets the job done and nothing more, as well as the many projects that you've completed with those principles in mind has sparked the fire I needed to do the same. You have convinced me to abandon monolithic sites based on closed API's (that's right - I deleted both my Facebook and Twitter accounts). I currently do not have the necessary skills to be of help in progressing the internet towards more open and decentralized protocols but hopefully some day my capabilities will match my support for them.

I definitely understand the need for a break to step back and get your priorities straight, but I also hope you continue writing both prose and code, because it is people with your mentality that make the internet a better place. You certainly have been a good influence on me and I'm sure many, many others who haven't taken the time to tell you.

Keep up the good work and I hope everything works out for you.


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You can change the web without writing code. I always try to solve problems by first not writing code > Programming is temporary patch for a poorly designed system.

You change the web by making your mind up.

Thank you for stopping by the forum to voice yourself, appreciated.


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