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I've never really coded a regex heavy script in JS before, but WOW does IE SUCK!

My god, how do they manage to get everything wrong? Not only do they get DOM wrong, but they get the very language used to access the DOM wrong! I mean damn, libraries can fix the DOM issues, but who the hell is going to code a JS PCRE library just to fix IE? The funny thing is, I bet if someone did, it wouldn't even work because of some other IE JS quirk.

IE succeeded in making another thing literally unfixable.

I'm so frustrated right now. I don't know what to do.

Is there a complete list of IE regex quirks somewhere?

... the HELL do they manage to get regex's wrong when they could easily go and download the PCRE library?!

I love how IE claims "JScript" is "the same" as Javascript. It's not. I can't believe they got even Javascript wrong. How do they manage to get something so universal wrong? Absolutely and utterly pathetic. It's very fitting that they had to name it JScript, it is *not* the same language as Javascript.

They should be ashamed. What they've done to web development is unforgivable.


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append delete #1. JJ

Anyway, sorry about that rant.

Now that I've cooled down, I thought I'd mention, I'm working on a script that adds support for :before/:after for browsers that don't support it, or support it fully (e.g. IE7 and FF3.0). It also adds support for the css3 global content property.

It just bugged me that one of the main reasons I'm making this is because of IE, and it was refusing to work in IE for the longest time. I just managed to fix it now.

I'm also considering adding support for ::before(n) and ::before::before, as well as ::outside and ::inside. However, I hear ::outside/::inside are going to be removed from the CSS3 generated content spec now that we have XBL2 on the somewhat distant horizon.

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Solution: Don't support IE. Get people to install Chrome Frame, or IE9 when it comes out.

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Internet "Exploder" is the bane of all that is right and good with the Web. It makes children cry, it kicks puppies, and stops by the bowels of Hell each day for a steak dinner with a side of mashed potatoes.

That's pretty much how I explain it to myself.

append delete #4. Kroc

Mashed potatoes…? Damn, that’s evil.

append delete #5. Richard

I've never had a problem with IE's implementation for regular expressions. And yes, I use them heavily on a daily basis.

And about using PCRE... No, that takes a lot of modifications, although I know that they've done it for JavaScriptCore.

Just relax and don't make you regexes too complicated. It only gets less legible and harder to maintain.

append delete #6. JJ

I eventually fixed my problem using a different regex. I later found out, it wasn't the regex, but the string the regex was being used on was skewed by a *different* quirk in IE.

So I take back my complaints about its regex's, but it only reinforces my lack of patience for its other quirks.

append delete #7. Richard

Damn right, but all major browsers have quirks of their own. :-)

For myself, I can mitigate most problems by learning (and eventually knowing) most of the (quirks|(behavioral|annoying) problems) lots of browsers have.

It's all fun, but you really have to watch out.


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