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Is Spam a problem?

append delete Christian B.


I have integrated this lovely forum solution into a PHP web app [1] and want to put it live on the main demo installation. I wonder what your experiences are with forum spam. Would it make sense to include a spam protection measure such as BadBehavior [2]? Or is it generally no problem (I saw that some basic spam prevention is built in)?



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append delete #1. Martijn

It is “generally no problem”. On this domain we get an absolute minimum of spam. I actually think I have removed more nonsensical testing posts than actual spam. If your forum gets as much exposure as Kroc’s is currently having you should be fine.

Of course if you are expecting exponentially more activity your milage may vary, and we will be interested in hearing if spam ever becomes a problem!

append delete #2. Christian B.

Martijn, thanks! I'll try it and can still add something if it becomes a problem....


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