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is it possible to load several small files as 1 movie?

append delete Hans Henrik

is it possible to load several small files, and display it as 1 movie?
say i have a filesize limit of 10 mb on my server, and i wish to play a video that is ~50 mb,
is there some way to split the physical files in 10 mb chunks, and make the player join them and play as 1 movie?

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append delete #1. Kroc

This is what HTTP Live Streaming is.…

Because H.264 is not a streaming format, it has to simply rely on the data being downloaded quickly enough. HTTP Live Streaming is a massive hack that splits a video into more manageable chunks.

With Ogg and WebM, you can do true streaming (that is, the client is fed the video in realtime)

Thirdly, though really, really not suggested, you could use JavaScript to detect when one video has stopped, and then load the next but this will incur a few seconds pause between chunks.


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