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Kroc, why did you bestow upon me this nightmare?


I can assure you it was all necessary to get it to work. I was once writing an article that explained fully how the whole regex strings worked, but I’m holding off of that whilst ReMarkable is still being developed--plus it takes time and I don’t have that.

You think you have it hard, I hear someone is trying to port it to perl! :)

I should write a conformance suite so that people making ports can ensure that the code is correct but I am so cripplingly busy with work. At the moment, camen design is my conformance suite, if my website doesn’t publish, there’s a bug. :P

If you need any help understanding the internals of ReMarkable and its regex, just ask, I’d be happy to explain any particular part.


(Leave this as-is, it’s a trap!)

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