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Kroc, why did you bestow upon me this nightmare?


I should write a conformance suite so that people making ports can ensure that the code is correct

I'm using your articles as the test suite at the moment, hehe. It's coming along. It's mostly done, I just haven't gotten the indentation or wrapping fully working, also, ordered and unordered lists are buggy. This is all due to the fact that JS regexes suck (no conditional patterns, no lookbehinds, no possessives, etc) and I couldn't use yours, so I had to rewrite those parts completely.

Although, not counting the regex part, it's a lot easier to get it working in JS given the fact that you can actually use real callbacks in JS. Very luxurious when writing something like this.

Anyway, I could definitely use a hand if anyone wants to help with it:…

I included all of Kroc's original comments so it will be easy to orient oneself when juxtaposing the two different versions.


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