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Life is tough right now. I feel like I'm in a ship swirling around a great vortex. I can't focus due to lack of stability in my life and every thought I have is whisked away and swirled down the drain. As the ship is thrown around the knots in the sounding-line run through my hands, counting the fathoms one after another, an unending thread of problem after problem in a chain of faults logically following one another. I despair at how nobody seems to see software the way I do, does not grasp the magnitude of the problems.

I'm caught in a paroxysm of immobility, unable to write anything meaningful and unable to publish anything because I'm unhappy with the state of my software even though I can't maintain the programming mind-set long enough to make changes. Attempt to make a small change and I'm faced with setting up an entire working environment and an impossible panoply of testing, try to write something new and I'm faced with chronic short-comings with my software methodologies, my tools and the industry at large.

The industry is flowing in the wrong direction and here I am trying to sail uphill, against the torrent. I feel unwanted and very, very alone.

I want to solve problems 'for good'. I don't want to create ever more burdensome software that demands that your whole life revolve around it just to keep it running from one year to the next. I write software to last and last and last ...

* The main site Was designed for Firefox 3.0 (June 2008). Still works today.
* NoNonsense Forum (March 2011). Years of smooth running without spam.
* The header of (2008). Was designed to have a stable layout and look consistent in every browser from IE6 up, even including Camino (remember that). Still works, still renders correctly almost a decade on, on entirely new platforms and browsers that didn't even exist back then.

I don't think I could ever make the developer masses care about software philosophy again like I was doing back with Camen Design's HTML5 and Video for Everybody.


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