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I pushed a few small changes in the ever-continuing epic saga that is the `FileParse` rewrite:

* Changed the hex-to-decimal conversion to a fast look-up table method instead of using string-concat
* Defined Names are now validated inline, doing away with a very slow function I had for it before
* Defined Names now use one token instead of separate ones, with the token attributes providing the particulars. This makes it easy to handle composite Names (e.g. ``

I've now begun work on getting the Abstract Syntax Tree nodes to link together. This is a bit tricky to do due to fetching one word at a time; the relationships between nodes varies.

Once the AST is linked up, I'll need to redo the assembly pass to use the tree instead (doing away with a lot of duplicate validation) and I should finally see some results for all this work. The purpose of this work is to provide thorough validation during source reading so that grammar and syntax errors can be comprehensively trapped -- a prerequisite for a 1.0 release.


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